How To Lawn Care Efficiently?

Who does not dream of a house with a big lawn? But big dreams come with responsibilities. Having a lawn is all fun and games until the grasses keep growing and everything turns into a jungle and you start freaking out. No, we are not going to go there! We are responsible adults and we are going to take care of our lawns.


Well, like every other skincare and health care, lawn care is important too, if you have one, and it also comes with a routine and ‘equipment’.

From where to start?

It is indeed hard work but it is not tough. 

  1. The first step is watering. Water your lawn early morning or late evening but before you start watering check how much water your lawn needs, look at the soil, is it too dry, a little wet or soggy.
  2. The second step is mowing. Get a good lawn mover. You should mow if your lawn is dried and cold. Never cut the grass below 5 cm or 2 inches. Do not remove more than one-third of the blade of the grass.
  3. The lawn needs its nutrients to stay healthy and green. Fertilize. Always opt for organic fertilizers.


Different season requires different caring treatment. Depending on your region and the climatic condition you should prepare a lawn care routine and choose fertilizers accordingly. 

How much will it cost?

The cost will always depend on the size of your lawn, however, the average mowing cost ranges from 30 dollars to 80 dollars per visit.

If your lawn is really big, then it is always better to get professionals to do the jobs. Most services have a flat price rate per visit which includes grass cutting and extra charges for extra facilities like leaf-blowing, edging or any seasonal cleanups.

To make the grass greener

A lush green lawn is really beautiful but the question is how to maintain the green? Well, you have to work a little extra for that. 

  1. You have to remove any death growth such as sticks and leaves.
  2. Protect the seeds from the bird by covering them with sheets.
  3. Water them.
  4. Do not use fertilizers on them unless the seeds have sprouted.
  5. Use organic fertilizers once the seeds have sprouted for every eight to ten weeks.
  6. Arrange the lawnmower blade in a way that it cuts the grass five centimeters or two inches high.
  7. Pull out weeds whenever you see them. Weeds are a big problem for your healthy lawn.

Hope this will help you by providing the basic idea of what one should do in order to take care of their lawn. Do not leave it messy or weedy, take care of your lawn, after all, it acts as the very first impression of your home and you do not want your guest to think you can not take responsibilities of the bare minimums. Having a healthy lawn is a way of life, you can jog around or play with your kids or pets. It makes your mind fresh.

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